The 8th Sea

Ship type: tug

Type: Small tug

Gross tonnage: 29

Feet: 45

The 8th Sea was built at the American Electric Welding Company in Fells Point, at the foot of Carolina St, in Baltimore Maryland in 1953 for the United States Army. The 8th Sea’s original use was as a harbor tug in the Charleston, South Carolina Harbor. Compared to seagoing tugs, harbor tugboats are generally smaller and the width-to-length ratio is often higher, due to the need for a lower draft.

In the 70’s the 8th Sea found work more suited to her name. She worked on the St. Lawrence Seaway (leading to the Great Lakes, a.k.a the 8th Sea). She was used to scan the entrance to locks to determine where to dredge. She worked along side the Tug 4th Coast.

In the 1990’s, the St. Lawrence Seaway refitted the 4th Coast and auctioned off the 8th Sea. She found her first, and only, private owner, Bill Curry, then owner of the Lake Towing and Salvage in Plattsburgh, NY. The 8th Sea worked in towing and salvage until 2000.

Since 2000, the 8th Sea has served the purpose of summer home, cruise ship, evening gathering spot, meeting location, hide and seek base, and rescue boat. She is a staple in Waterford and Troy. Her captain spends his summers with the 8th Sea and his winters in Grand Cayman Islands.